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Privacy on the internet is very important for us. We collect certain informations from the users of 7acres.in, we ensure you that we shall not share thease informations with third party. You should understand the terms and conditions for useing the information.Some forms on our site ask for contact information, details of your current home or a home you would like to purchase and some limited personal information. We use the contact information from these forms to send the customer nformation aboout 7acres.in's services and to contact the customer for follow ups. The details of the current and prospective property ownership situation and the personal information requested are used to match the needs of the customer for the property they are looking for.
The names of customers who contact us seeking information and assistance in buying, selling or leasing real estate property are not sold, distributed, or shared with any third party except 7acres.in and it's subsidiaries. The information received is used solely for the benefit of the customers of 7acres.in and to facilitate the purchase, sale or lease of property.
7acres.in may send you e-mail about your property query on your account and in response to your questions. 7acres.in along with its subsidiaries may also send you e-mail with information and/or special offers about products and services that may be of interest to you, unless you indicate you do not want to receive them.
Under most circumstances, we will give you an opportunity to let us know your preference regarding the receiving of promotional e-mail. This option applies to promotional e-mail only, as we may find it necessary to send you e-mail relating to your account, product or pricing changes.
Promotional e-mail that you receive from 7acres.in will tell you how to decline receiving future promotional e-mail.If you are a registered user of 7acres.in, you can review and update your profile using your user name and password. You can also contact our Customer Relationship Manager.
7acres.in reserves the right to amend, alter or change in this site at any time withut informing the users.


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