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Ban on Ground Water in Noida

NOIDA: The stay order on extraction of groundwater has left investors and developers alike in a quandary. It is being speculated that not only will projects be delayed due to inadequate water for construction but also push up prices of properties if water is purchased from outside. Thousands of buyers in Noida and Greater Noida foresee their financial prospects jeopardized as they are yet to recover from the jolt over the land acquisition row. The Noida and Greater Noida authorities have, however, assured that the problem will be sorted out by discussions with real estate developers in a meeting soon. "There should not be any major scarcity of water for construction work as over 9 crore litres are daily discharged from water recycling plants. Developers will be required to have NOCs from the Central Groundwater Board to have their project layout plans sanctioned. The Authority will discuss the issue of cost escalation with developers to find a solution," said Sanjeev Saran, CEO, Noida Authority. Real estate developers are, however, taking the issue with a pinch of salt. They said that though they will try not to halt construction work and purchase water from outside for work on projects, costs are likely to escalate. CREDAI said water will be purchased if Noida and Greater Noida authorities do not supply it from other sources. "We cannot afford to halt construction work in the absence of groundwater. If water has to be purchased, it will push up prices of projects and buyers will have to bear the burden ," said Geetamber Anand, vice president, CREDAI. Developers say that imposing a blanket ban on extraction of ground water is not a solution to stop its depletion. "The tribunal should have first ordered for a proper assessment of the levels of depletion of groundwater and subsequently devised a solution for its conservation and recharge while undertaking construction work," added Anand. CREDAI (west UP) has said de-watering of groundwater is necessary for laying foundations of highrises in the region as there is abundance of the resource due to its location between the Yamuna and the Hindon . "There are provisions for recharging groundwater. All developers have been asked by CREDAI to adhere to the guidelines ," said R K Arora, vicepresident , CREDAI (west UP). Buyers fear the groundwater issue clubbed with the land row might have far-reaching consequences on their financial prospects. "The issue will further push us into jeopardy if the costs of purchasing water are passed on to us," said Ravi Garg, a software professional who has booked a flat in Greater Noida.


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